Cynthia Leavesley

Oil, pastel, watercolor, inks, mixed media
Wednesday and Thursday, 1-4
June – Mid-October. Also by appt. or chance.
Call for information or check the rope shed for classes and workshops in intuitive painting, watercolor and pastels.

Oil, pastel, watercolor, inks, mixed media

 Wednesday and Saturday 1-4 June-October

 Also by appt. or chance. End of Harbor Road (next to Norma Kaplis/James Galvin) |

cottage phone: (207) 594-7444 / cell: (317) 719-1222

Directions: From the front of the church, follow Harbor Road, the road that heads away from town and towards the water.  Just past driftwood gate and before Norma Kaplis/James Galvin Studio.  Sign on  lawn.